Why We Do It

Blessed to be a Blessing


It all started when…

Mitch went to the country of Haiti shortly after the 2010 earthquake that devastated the island. He served in relief efforts and helped build houses for the newly homeless families.

After what he saw in Haiti his heart was broken. He knew he had to do something.


Mitch and his son, Hunter, went on several other trips in the next few years getting to know missionaries and researching how they could best serve the island. In their travels they met several missionaries who simply needed state side support. He met a Haitian pastor, Thomas, in Port-au-Prince who had the dream to feed and educate every child in his impoverished village along with his normal ministry. He met another pastor, Schera, in Cerca-Carvajal with a very similar vision.

In his travels to the neighboring country of The Dominican Republic he met a young American couple who had been serving on the island for over 10 years and they had always dreamt of starting an orphanage.

After a few years of deliberation Mitch stepped out on faith and started The Manna Foundation. He prayed asking for confirmation on his new journey. Within a few days of saying that prayer he got a call from a former business colleague asking if he knew of any good causes to give to. By the end of that phone call he had received the confirmation he asked for and The Manna Foundation was off the ground.

Today The Manna Foundation feeds over 400 kids across the country of Haiti and the couple that always dreamt of opening an orphanage, now provides a home to 6 young girls with the help of The Manna Foundation.