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Areas of Practice



The Providence Consulting and Design team will assist your Team in developing a maintenance program that will maximize the productivity and efficiency of your maintenance department. These programs will ensure the safety, functionality and operation of the building at all times.

Architectural and Structural Engineering

PC&D offers architectural and engineering services, whether you are building from the ground up or simply renovating we want to ensure the safety and structural strength of your latest project. 

Survey Preparedness

Our experienced Team will visit your facility and conduct a thorough inspection of the property. During this inspection all aspects of regulatory compliance, as well as, life safety will be evaluated in order to establish the level of preparedness of the facility for upcoming surveys, to help prevent K-Tags.


With over 100 years of combined experience and wisdom, PC&D is the best firm on the market to help you put in place the policies and procedures necessary to ensure the safety, and well being of your guests and residents.


PC&D can also provide assessments for pre- purchase assets and determine their capital
needs and timelines as part of your acquisition
due diligence. The oversight of a major building mechanical component that has exceeded its useful life can be costly if not identified and quantified at the time of purchase.

Interior Design 

Not only do we promise the utmost safety of your building, we also want your location to be visually appealing. To achieve that goal we offer interior designing services as well. 

Architectural & Engineering Services

Whether your facility needs an architect for a minor renovation or engineering support for a mechanical challenge at your existing facility, we have a team to meet those needs. We also have the capabilities of providing a complete set of construction documents for a ground-up development.


PC&D will assist you in leveraging the latest technology on the market to ensure the efficiency and security of your maintenance programs. We will partner with and train your maintenance Team on any technology that we implement.

project management and Design

Our Team at Providence Consulting and Design focuses on project management and design in Senior Living. We manage projects of all sizes, from small upgrade projects to multi-million- dollar renovations. Our Team can draft computer renderings of your building and mock up any project upon request.

Disaster preparedness and emergency response planning

PC&D can assist you in rolling out your facility- specific Disaster Preparedness Plan in accordance with all CMS guidelines to assure compliance.